Former Presidential Candidate Comes to Speak in Amarillo

He finished second in Republican primary and today, for the second time this year, Mike Huckabee spoke at a local church.

The past two times Huckabee, the former Arkansas Governor, came to Amarillo, he was campaigning and hopeful to be the next president.

But today he came to speak to the congregation at The Church at Quail Creek, sign copies of his new book, and of course, play guitar.

This was his only sermon during the next two weeks, in which he will visit 56 cities over just 18 days.

But over that time he's hoping to pass along something he learned during his campaign.

"As we go across America what we want to do is try to get that message in the book, of do the right thing. To be head and adhered to. That is, start with our own lives. To do the right thing. We can't expect government to do what we're not," Huckabee said.

Huckabee tells us he thinks the 2012 election is too far away to determine if he will run for president again.