Pampa ISD Prepares for Oil & Gas Lease Payment

One local school district is getting a check for over $400,000.

Now the administrators are developing a list to see how the money should be used.

From leaky roofs, to raises for teachers, every possible expense is being looked at to determine what this un-budgeted money should go toward.

The Pampa ISD is getting ready to accept a check from Gray County.

"It's nice, it's always nice when you have a plot of income you hadn't planned on, you hadn't thought about," said Pampa ISD Superintendent Barry Haenisch.

They will be getting a check for $423,000.

An oil and gas lease on county school land in another part of the state has lead to this large payment.

And the list of expenses is growing.

"It was kind of fortunate that the money came in because we're replacing the roof at the high school which will be about 380,000 so," said Pampa School Board Member Charles Smith.

"We need a roof at the high school we need a roof at one of our elementary schools, we need school busses," said Haenisch.

And the school district is also looking in to it's academic needs.

The payments could keep coming too, if a company harvests gas or oil from the leased land.

The school district could continue getting payments like this for several years.

But the administrators are not looking ahead.

"We can always find a place to spend money, whether it's salary's or buildings, or whatever," said Smith.

"When we get to the end of the line we want to look back and say we did not waste that money," said Haenisch.

The money will first go into the general fund.

Then, two December school board meetings will divvy up the money.