Wolfin Neighborhood Wants Action Against Crime

Chuck Collins, Woflin Resident
Chuck Collins, Woflin Resident

Frustrated residents are taking action and asking the Amarillo Police Department to step up and stop crime in the Wolflin neighborhood.

After numerous incidents of car thefts, prowlers and burglaries in the area of Ong and 21st Street residents sent letters to Amarillo Police chief Robert Taylor, complaining nothing was being done. Also, residents started a neighborhood watch in effort to deter crime.

A.P.D. decided to send out officers to the area to evaluate how serious the crime is. The survey contains questions oh the type of crime residents have encountered, if they have been a victim and how A.P.D can better serve the area.

Resident Chuck Collins says he feels safer with the police surveying the area. "It has to make you feel safe I have kids it has to make you feel safe to know they are coming around door to door. It's not likely for the Amarillo police to do something like that," Collins said.

Assistant Chief Ken Ferguson says the survey will help the police department have a better understanding of how to fight crime in the Wolflin neighborhood. They may even expand the survey to other areas where crime is becoming an issue.