Guymon Advanced SWAT Training

Capturing a wanted terrorist is the final task for the Guymon Police Department as they wrap up advanced SWAT training.

This is the first break these guys have had after hours out in the cold waiting for their mission to hit it's peak and as the sun came up they got ready for the worst.

The situation: a plane carrying a terrorist is landing at the Guymon airport to refuel.. It's the only shot officials have of catching their criminal.

These 11 men have been on duty for nearly 24 hours.

Capt. Michael Babb with Guymon PD, "It's physically trying for your body, it's mentally stressful. We were here at 8 o'clock yesterday morning, and worked, training till about 1-1:30 and were dismissed and then we have been back since then."

You may be asking, why Guymon? But the Chief of Police says, why not.

Chief Eddie Adamson says, "We are going to be prepared as all law enforcement should. We really feel in our heart that it's better to be prepared and not called than called and not prepared."

Guymon's Fire and Police Departments are even working with agencies from Kansas for the drill.

Lt. Robert Hutcheson, Trainer says, "We want them to make a mistakes in training. If a person makes a mistake in training they can learn from it, if a person makes a mistake in an actual situation, they are going to die, and that's what we are trying to avoid."

Guymon Fire Department Chief Clark Purdy, "What they will bring back to us is some knowledge that we have never had before, and a whole different respect for what the pd and swat guys do."

Thousands of dollars have been spent on these men over the past week trying to prepare them for the worst case scenario, and the Guymon Police Department picked up the tab, because they say it's well worth it.