Senator Wants Concealed Weapons on Campus

One Texas lawmaker says your children's lives could be in danger at college... And thinks allowing guns on campus is the answer, but many say he is wrong.

It's been just over a year and a half since the Virginia Tech massacre that killed more than twenty people. San Antonio Senator Jeff Wentworth says something needs to be done so that doesn't happen in Texas.

West Texas A and M senior Danielle Newton will be getting her concealed handgun license next month, but says she won't be carrying a gun in her backpack, even if she could. "I wouldn't take it to class but I'd have it in the dorm."

Senator Wentworth wants Danielle to be able to change her mind, and all Texas college students to bring their gun to class if they want to.

"Some crazed whacko who is shooting and killing defenseless Texas students, I want them to be stopped and not just be able to shoot people like fish in a barrel."

As you can imagine, this bring your gun class proposal is raising some eyebrows from students. "I don't believe it's very safe to have concealed weapons on campus."

"I guess you are just as safe as the person next to you who uses theirs irresponsibly."

Under his proposal, you would only be able to carry a gun if you meet state requirements for concealed weapons...meaning you are over 21 and have passed a safety course.

As a member of the military, Max Steward says it bothers him he can't carry a gun to class today. "Okay I can fight for yall and die for you but I can't have something to protect myself during off times."

Senator Wentworth will present this bill in January. Texas is one of sixteen states that do not allow students to bring concealed weapons on campus.