Uncertainty in Gun Ownership Shoots Up Sales

Worries over the possibility of new gun regulations continue to send gun sales through the roof.

Gun sales have more than quadrupled in just a few weeks, according to Amarillo Gun shops. Some say more and more people are quickly becoming gun enthusiasts for many different reasons. Gun owner, Laurene Kimball, says safety is a big reason for her recent gun purchases. "For the safety of my home of my family. With crimes going up and economy going down there's going to be more crime," Kimball said.

Gun shop employee Chris Berry says the talk of a possible ban on assault rifles and taxation on gun sales has some concerned over their limits,cost and safety. "It's a burden on every free man to protect his own safety, and that's kind of why we encourage responsible people to maintain there own protection," he said.

The growing need to have a gun is not only spawned by safety and potentially new laws, but as an investment.  Kimball says a gun is a reasonable investment. "I believe they are an investment and the economy is going down and the future hold for most don't believe it's looking good and we are going to have to protect ourselves instead of the government protect us," she said.

Berry said,"The rising gun sales supply and demand dictates the price and value of any gun purchase is going to go up in the next few weeks".

A trend that local shops say is pushing sales and people to invest in their future and right to bear arms. Several shops say they are still backlogged with orders for military style rifles and now certain ammunition is selling out as well.