WT Students Vote for Tuition Increase

More than twenty million dollars could be spent upgrading West Texas A&M University, if the students vote yes.

It's been years since the last major overhaul renovation at WT, and some say the new sports complex and student center improvements are exactly what the school needs. Thousands of ballots have been cast. WT students are deciding if renovations are necessary. It may not look like much now, but if the students vote yes, the open space across from the Activities Center could become new practice fields, softball and baseball fields, walking trails and an ampitheatre. But building all of that isn't cheap.

WT Athletics Michael McBroom estimates it will cost "between 17 and 20 million dollars." Students would be the ones footing the bill...a 13 dollar increase per credit hour over the next two years. That money would go towards renovating the Jack B Kelley Student Center as well. Michelle Ortiz says, "At first I didn't really agree with it because it was going to raise my tuition. But after thinking about all of the benefits, to athletes and non athletes alike.... "Marching band now has a practice facility, there's an ampitheatre for one acts, monologues, theatre.

Students doing the camera work, student running the audio boards," she changed her mind and now, like most students we spoke with is excited about the project. "It's something our kids might be able to use in the future." Isaac Ortiz says, "A bigger campus is always better. I think it's a good thing." The final results are not in yet, but we will continue to follow the story and let you know the results as soon as they are released.