Cable Outage Raises Concerns

Brent McClure, KFDA General Manager
Brent McClure, KFDA General Manager

Safety concerns are being raised once the digital conversion takes place after a three hour cable outage Tuesday.

A broken component knocked out about 70 channels on Suddenlink Cable Tuesday, and while it was frustrating for customers, how would they feel if we were in the middle of severe weather when it happened and, thanks to the digital conversion, they couldn't get off air signals.

While the problem is fixed now, and residents with cable or dish network services are ready for the switch; some say problems, like the outage Tuesday, could arise and you need to be ready.

Brent McClure, General Manager for KFDA says, "It's very important that every household at least get one box, just incase something happened. Every business has down time unfortunately, like the cable business had downtime. Incase of an emergency, if that downtime was during severe weather, it would be important for households to be able to receive over the air signal. They will have to receive it through a digital tuner box or a TV that has that ability after February of next year."

Suddenlink officials say if something happened like that they would do everything they could to get signals back up quickly.

Gene Regan with Suddenlink says, "When you do have an outage we just simply try to get it restored as soon as we can. We know that people rely on them for various things including weather information."

Wednesday we worked on our transmitter towers, stopping off air signals from about 4 to 5 that afternoon.

If you only saw snow during that time it's a sign you are not prepared for the conversion. For more information, call 1-888-DTV-2009.