Drug Dogs Sweep Schools

Nathan Woodard, Middle School Student
Nathan Woodard, Middle School Student

Problems with student alcohol and drug use are causing the Amarillo ISD to begin random drug sweeps this Monday.

This is the first time the district is conducting regular, random searches of all 16 middle schools and high schools. Educators say they hope this program will deter students from substance use.

Each school is receiving a share of the contracted 120 half day searches. The dogs are trained to find drugs, alcohol, tobacco and gun power.

Middle School student Nathan Woodard says, "Once they see what she does, I think that they will be...oh crud.we got a dog that's sniffing so I need to stay away from drugs."

The dog handler says this program is affective in schools across the country.

"We keep statistics on all of our finds and all of our visits and historically it really takes the school districts to a new level as far as safety and security. "

The only thing off limits to the search dog is students. So that means lockers, backpacks, and even jackets are fair game.

"We will be searching classrooms, if they don't have lockers obviously we won't be searching those but many do so we will be searching those and she is also trained to search vehicles and then common areas like restrooms.

The handler says the most common items found are marijuana and medications. The penalties for substance possession vary from as little as suspension to juvenile detention.

If you suspect your child is using drugs or alcohol call Teresa Kenedy at 326-2228