"What It Takes: The Amarillo Police Academy" - SWAT Episode 3

Shooting to kill... They have learned how to do it.. But how will they react in a real life situation.

It's called simunition training.. Firing a real gun at a suspect and in some cases having them fire back... But the bullets are a little different.

They try to make this exercise as real as possible. Cadets are shooting bullets that have just a little bit of paint in the top of them, when they hit the subject they burst, and without a bullet proof vest on they would cause bruising.

Cadet Palacios says, "You'll get hit pretty good and it hurts for a little while but it makes it that more real and makes you more aware, and better trained for it."

Cadet Gutierrez says, "Feels real. I mean your stress level goes up so much. Even though we know they are instructors you get in there and the situations, everything changes. And it brings your adrenalin up, your stress."

Cadet Tollerson says, "The scenario that I actually got shot a lot on really opened my eyes to what not to do in the field."

While this exercise may have hurt... The next one stings... Coming up next week watch the cadets take it in the eyes... With pepper spray.