911 and OnStar Team Up to Make You Safer

Charlie Broomhead
Charlie Broomhead

Texas is taking big steps to make your car ride safer. 911 is teaming up with OnStar emergency system, which will allow you to get the help you need faster.

On star helped 911 respond to more than eleven thousand accidents last year in Texas... The most in the nation. James Underwood uses the system frequently. "It's just a really good thing." A good thing, that's getting even better. 911's Charlie Broomhead says, "soon, the 911 operators here in amarillo will be able to talk directly to the injured person in the car.

As it stands now, your OnStar emergency call is routed through several people before it gets to 911, including a call center in North Carolina. The 911 operators direct connect with you allows them to decrease response time and increase the level of emergency care. "When you are able to actually hear the person and hear the tone in their voice you are able to more easily gauge the situation and find out what is really wrong."

So far, Texas is the only state to team up with the system. Bigger cities like Dallas and San Antonio already have it. Smaller cities like Lubbock, Midland, Harlingen, Amarillo and Waco will be seeing the technology very soon. Broomhead estimtes it will probably be about a month or so. So far this year, OnStar responded to more emergency calls than ever before. But that doesn't necessarily mean people are becoming worse drivers. "That number will grow every year because more people are using the system." The new 911 direct connect service will not cost you any additional money. Broomhead says it's all part of the public service.