Local Prisons Find Small Amounts of Contraband During Lockdown

Warden John Adams, Clements Unit
Warden John Adams, Clements Unit
Assistant Warden Gerry Davis, Neal Unit
Assistant Warden Gerry Davis, Neal Unit

Weapons, drugs, and cell phones have all been found in Texas prisons.

But searches of the local units found a minimal amount of contraband.

Between the Clements and Neal units, there are thousands of felons serving time.

And the list of contraband found in both facilities is surprisingly short.

The Clements unit is the second largest facility in the entire Texas Department of Criminal Justice system.

Only eight weapons were found, among nearly four thousand inmates.

And the Neal Unit found only a minimal amount of tobacco.

Both wardens say there's one reason more serious contraband was not found.

"Because our staff does do such a good job with their daily searches and cell searches," said Warden John Adams of the Clements Unit in Amarillo.

"Our staff in general as a whole especially on this unit, should be commended because they work real hand at good security measures and good contraband control measures," said Assistant Warden Gerry Davis with the Neal unit.

Officials with the TDCJ say only a few of their facilities saw major problems, but they were pleased with the results from the Amarillo facilities.