Time Ticking For Bail Jumpers

Time is wasting away for an Amarillo bond agent in search of two suspects wanted for felony charges out of Potter County.

Bond agents are asking the community to keep an eye out for suspects that are skipping out on their bond requirements. Bond agent Ken Carlile is just two days away from losing thousands of dollars onbail jumper, Alejandro Saliva. "He's out on a $15,000 bond and were just a couple days away from fixing to pay that one," Carlile said.

The longer Saliva avoids charges of evading arrest, the more worries he has for crime in the community. "He's considered dangerous some what if he evade from police no telling what else your going to do. He didn't like what the courts were offering I think he got scared and took off," Carlile said.

Carlile says another bail jumper that's trying to take justice in his own hands is 33-year old Shane Landis. "He's another person not happy with the court system he went to court and would call in even on a monitor. Choose to take it off and take off," he said.

Landis is running from charges of home burglary and could be threat to the community. One of the many reasons Carlile is pushing to bring Shane Landis and Alejandro Saliva.

Three bail jumpers you have helped catch right here in the Amarillo area.  We told you about John Morales who was wanted for writing bad checks. Just an hour after we showed you his picture, bond agents took Morales into custody thanks to your calls.   The next Bail Jumper,  Tanya Marrufo who was wanted for writing bad checks was arrested over the weekend.   Another Bail Jumper Ikeno Campbell was feeling the pressure of authorities and decided to turn himself in.

If you have any information on Monday's Bail Jumpers, Shane Landis or Alejandro Silva call Budget Bail Bonds 371-8512.

Hundreds of bail jumpers skip out on their bail obligations every week, report a bail jumper and earn a reward