Mass Adoptions Dent Adoption Needs

It was a picture perfect moment for the Judd family.

On Friday, they finalized the adoption of their two foster children: Timothy and Tyler.

"It has been a real blessing," said Mike Judd with tears in his eyes. "We started out as a ministry to help kids and these two boys just really touched our hearts."

The Judds and 20 other local families participated in Randall County mass adoption day. Local adoption agencies say days like these are great; but the need for more adoptions in our area is even greater.

"Unfortunately, we are adopting kids but we are getting more in through the back end, as well," said Greg Cunningham, spokesman for Child Protective Services. "So, there are still more than 400 children out there that are ready for adoption right now in the Panhandle."

In Randall County, there are only 23 families who volunteer to foster children. The Judds fostered 8 children over the past three years. And, now, two of them can count on a permanent home.

"Timmy and Tyler walked into our lives 14 months ago and I looked at Mike and said 'We have a big problem. They are never leaving,'" said Tara Judd, first-time adoptive parent.

And they never will. Nearly two dozen other children at the event found a new home and a new sense of belonging.

"That's what adoption is all about. It's just to say, 'This is my place in the world. This is where I belong,'" Cunningham said.

The adoption celebrations are far from over. On Tuesday, Nov. 18, Carson County will hold its own mass adoption day. CPS estimated another dozen families will adopt a child of their own.

If you want to learn more about the adoption process visit or call 358-6211.