WRCA Rodeo Means Better Beef for You

More than 22 teams from across the nation came together in Amarillo this weekend to compete in the Working Ranch Cowboys Association Rodeo. This is the thirteenth year the Amarillo Civic Center has hosted the WRCA rodeo. Thanks to the cowboys who competed this weekend and their bucking broncos, your beef dinner just got healthier.

WRCA President Randy Whipple says, "They're trading ideas here at the World Championships." Patrick Lookingbill has been coming to the rodeo for years. He says, "We have good products, they have good products. It gives us a chance to spread the goodness around." Sharing these ideas can only mean good things for you. "Cleaner beef."

Patrick Wohler with Texas Vet Lab sponsors the rodeo. He says these ideas mean "Less death loss, most likely less cost, less expense." Joining forces isn't something ranchers get the opportunity to do often. In fact, for most of them, this is their once a year outing. Whipple says, "most cowboys working out there on the ranch, they're not out there for the money. They're out there for the love of the work and to get that beef on your plate."

While getting that beef to our plates is no small task, these cowboys aren't hanging up their hats just yet. Over the past four days, more than 20 rodeo teams have come together to make a statement to the rest of America. "We're proving to the country we're not having an economical problem out here." And that's an understatement. The crowds were huge all weekend. "We've sold every seat in this house for four nights. Vendors are out here selling everything they've got. Hotels are packed, restaurants are packed." The turnout this year is even better than last years. Whipple estimates they've "grown about twenty percent and we've done that about every year."

More people, of course, means more money. It's estimated this years even will bring in between three and four million dollars. Part of that money will go towards college scholarships for teenage ranchers.