Prescription Drugs Costing You Too Much?

When your budget is shrinking, it seem like prescription drugs can't be trimmed.

But there's an answer. It's called pill-splitting and one pharmacist we spoke with said only about 5 percent of patients practice this cost-cutting procedure.

The idea seems simple, in fact some government agencies, and insurance companies practice it without you knowing.

You can double your dosage, like say from 10 milligrams to 20 milligrams, then when it's time for your medication, just split the pill.

But doctors recommend you speak with them first.

"Ask if their medication is appropriate to being split and if he has any objections to writing the larger prescription and sometimes there are medications that could be substituted as well," said Dr. Nancy Chasteen from the Amarillo Urgernt Care Center.

She says there are some medications that can not be split.

Gel caps, time-release medication, and coated capsules are not recommended for splitting.

But many daily medications are recommended, like cholesterol medicine, heart medicine, and anti-depression perscriptions.

coming up at ten we'll break down some numbers and show you how much you can actually save.