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More Applicants Than Holiday Job Openings

Tasha McWilliams Tasha McWilliams
Gabriel Garcia, Target Team Leader Gabriel Garcia, Target Team Leader

Too many workers and not enough jobs up for grabs... Many of Amarillo's retailers are experiencing this situation for the first time in years.

Seasonal hiring started last month and in most cases is wrapping up this week. Even still, applications are still pouring in. Tasha McWilliams just started her new job at Target. "A few days, three days actually." Just in time to make some extra cash for Christmas. "I wanted to try something different. I've been a waitress and I've worked for attorney's office, so I wanted to try retail." Tasha is one of many filling out applications this holiday season. Target Team Leader Gabriel Garcia says,"We definitely saw a pretty big rush."

Record numbers are flocking to local stores, hoping to make some extra money to get them through the Christmas season, despite the tough economy. Tasha "just wanted to help [her] mom out. She pays for [her] on some things and [she] just wanted to be able to help her out too." Nationally, Target is expected to hire between fifty and eighty thousand additional seasonal workers. Here locally, they're planning to hire thirty. This year the applicant pool looks a little different than in years past.

Cashiers are no longer after school jobs for teens. This year, everyone from retirees to stay at home moms are filling out applications. Garcia says, "It's an older demographic of team members that are coming in and are applying for jobs." The Target in Amarillo says they are still looking for a few more workers like Tasha, but the majority of area retailers NewsChannel 10 spoke with say all of their positions are filled... And they were filled earlier than in years past due to the surge in applicants.

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