Citizenship Process is Quicker

Al Muniz, Catholic Family Services
Al Muniz, Catholic Family Services
Ruth Cedillos, became a citizen in just eight months
Ruth Cedillos, became a citizen in just eight months

United States Citizenship certificates are being given to area residents more quickly than before.

You can now become a citizen in about 8 months compared to the two to four years it took just a few months ago.

We are told the process is quicker because the Federal Bureau of Investigation hired extra staff to conduct the more than 20 minute interviews that had prolonged the process.

Al Muniz of Catholic Family Services says, "They are happy they are surprised they can not believe it because remember some of their family members that before it took them four years to become citizens. Now when we tell them it will take 8 months to become a citizen they can not believe it."

One of those new citizens is Ruth Cedillos who became a citizen in just eight months.

"Happy, Happy, " she says.

The most gratifying experience Cedillos says is having all the rights of a U.S. citizen. "I have new benefits...for citizenship. I have U.S. Passport. Yeah, I vote this election."

Muniz says if you can afford to, now is the best time for temporary residents to apply for citizenship.

"This is the time, this is the time. You have so many years living here, you have family here, you have all the right to become a citizen. Why not?"

He says the downside to the quicker application process is the fee has jumped more than $200 to pay for extra staff. T he citizenship fee is $675.