Senator Proposes New Abortion Regulation

Big changes could be coming to Texas abortion regulations. One state senator is proposing mandatory ultrasounds for women contemplating abortions. As it currently stands, abortions are legal in Texas up to 24 weeks into the pregnancy. Representative John Smithee says, "It's not just a simple easy solution to what a young mother might view as a problem." Which is exactly why Senator Dan Patrick recently filed a bill making ultrasounds mandatory for those considering an abortion, hoping seeing the baby and hearing the heartbeat will cause women to second guess their decision. Smithee agrees, saying, "The more information you can provide and the more quality information you can provide to that individual, the better that decision will be." Planned Parenthood's Claudia Stravato agrees abortions should not be done on a whim, but says that legislature is focusing on the wrong end of the issue. "The way to prevent abortion is through education and access to birth control and they never make the solution to it available. They only try to block abortion." Stravato says lawmakers tend to think the only people getting abortions are irresponsible and just don't want the baby, but there are many other reasons to undergo the procedure. "Rape, incest, life of the mother or viability of the fetus." A bill similar to this was introduced in last year's legislative session. It passed through the Senate but failed in the House. With the start of the legislative session just under two months away, both sides are heating up and doing their part to make sure this does or does not become Texas law.