"Another Chance" For Homeless Men

Bobby Nixon, Resident Manager
Bobby Nixon, Resident Manager

An Amarillo shelter that helps homeless men in our area is looking to open a new shelter to help Veterans in our area.

It is an organization called "Another Chance", a program and home, which focuses on helping men in need giving them shelter, help with addictions and opportunities to gain self-sufficiency. Now they are looking to branch out to help local Vets.

The home operates on grants and donations from the community. Organizers are trying to open their doors to homeless Amarillo Veterans because of the increasing population of homeless vets they see in the area.

Resident manager Bobby Nixon says the new "chance" house gives vets a more personalized program to gain control of their lives. "Just a localized way of living for the veterans. We don't necessarily... Have we reached out and touched a mentally needing person and were going to do that," Nixon said.

The shelter houses more than 50 residents in three homes off of Jackson Street.   Funding for the home will go to daily housing expenses such as furniture, food and up-keep on the home.