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New Abortion Regulation Possible in Texas

Claudia Stravato, Planned Parenthood Claudia Stravato, Planned Parenthood

One Texas legislator is taking steps to change abortion regulations. Houston Senator Dan Patrick recently filed a bill that would require women to get an ultrasound before terminating their pregnancy.

Because state legislature won't meet again until January, the bill was filed this week so it can be brought up in the beginning of the next session. Senator Patrick is hoping that requiring women to hear the heartbeat of their baby in an ultrasound will cause them to rethink their abortion. Planned Parenthood's Claudia Stravato says there are two distinct types of abortion. The first is the most widely publicized... The discretionary kind where a woman chooses to end the pregnancy because she doesn't want the baby.

Stravato says the second type is done for more serious reasons. "In the case of rape, incest, life of the mother and viability of the fetus, there's no question that the majority of women would want and anyone's physician would say this woman needs an abortion." This is obviously a very heated issue and has been brought up in both the House and Senate in previous sessions.

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