National Adoption Awareness Month

Dennie Trammell and his wife have their hands full with five very active children.

And all of them are adopted.

"When those little kids come and you're their mom and you're their dad, they are yours," said Dennie Trammell. "And once they touch you, it's over."

Five years ago, the Trammell's adopted their first pair of siblings: Darla and Shasta. Not too long after, their family grew again. They adopted three more children: Alexis, Alyssa and Noah.

"These are all our children," said Darla Trammell, adoptive mother to the five children. "And we love them just the same, just the same."

But behind their smiles lies a terrible truth.

"A lot of these children have been placed in child protective services for their safety," said Holly Campidilli, adoption and foster care supervisor at Catholic Family Services. "And they need families who will take care of them forever."

In Texas, more than 6,000 children are abused or neglected by their birth parents. Catholic Family Services is raising awareness this month and hopes to find each child a place they can call home.

"Most kids just live out on the streets cause they don't have any food or anything," said Shasta Trammell about her life before adoption. "That's what I was like before I came here. And this has changed my life a lot."

The Trammells say there's never a dull moment in their home and cannot wait to adopt again.

"We are waiting for the agency to call us," Dennie Trammell said. "We are ready right now."

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