Veteran Once Homeless Shares Story

Jeff Ports
Jeff Ports
John Davidson,
John Davidson,

While some residents are honored today.. Others roam the streets in the cold.

Jeff Ports can be considered the ultimate server.. He served his county when the call came and now serves homeless in our area.. That's because he was just recently in their shoes.

Ports has seen combat first hand... Serving at the front for your freedom.

"I served in Saudi Arabia, Desert Storm. I was a truck driver I transported ammunition to the front lines."

But after the military he fell on hard times.

"I would say it was like i was temporarily homeless. Like trying to find my place again, cause I'm all alone. I've been here about a month and a half now. Everything is good, and I'll get stronger."

Some veterans feel abandoned when they return home.. And never get the help they need.

"You know the help is there, you just gotta get out there and get it."Ports says.

Technology aims at making it easier for vets of current wars to reach out. They have an easier time contacting their family through e-mail or web chats.

"For the younger people it is a lot easier since technology is way up there." Ports says.

John Davidson, also a vet, now helps those like Ports.. and stresses that no matter how much technology a soldier can access, it's about getting instant help to deal with the traumatic experiences of war.

"It's important to get that out right then or they will carry it around for the rest of their lives." Davidson says. "we really care about them, we really love them, that maybe hard to understand, but we all, our hearts are with them."

Davidson says vets or not, those suffering have a place to come at Faith City Ministries.