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Stigma Of Battered Men

Counselor Larry Raker Counselor Larry Raker
Crisis Coordinator Angie Stovall Crisis Coordinator Angie Stovall

Amarillo men are being asked to step up and fight the stigma of domestic violence involving men.

It is considered a taboo topic some men choose not to share. That is the abuse they endure from their partner, which is forcing some agencies to look at a new ways to stop the stigma battered men face.

Counselor Larry Raker helps all victims of domestic violence and even those who batter.  He says no matter who is being abused violence is not a way to manage anger. "There are women who will be physically abusive to their partner. Violence is not acceptable whether it's violence by a man or by a women who ever it is, " Raker said.

The growing violence against men is leaving counselors and coordinators looking for new ways to approach the trend. Crisis coordinator Angie Stovall says they look at all aspects of abuse.  "It's not just physical abuse it can be psychological, emotional and financial abuse. We have counselors familiar with that victimization for men," she said.

Raker says abuse against men is not always easy to detect. "We need to look at the whole relationship and then determine who is really the victim and the batterer. It's not just a cut and dry she scratched him. He hit her type of situation," he said.

It is a situation Panhandle domestic violence agencies are trying to curb with awareness and education, no matter what gender. Counselors say domestic violence is about power and control. Men endure more mental abuse compared to women who experience the physical abuse.

As many as 25% of Texas men have experienced domestic violence in the past year. Younger men were twice as likely to report abuse, than men over 50-years old.

If you feel you are a victim of any type of abuse call the Amarillo Family Support Crisis Center at (806) 374-LIFE (5433).

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