Veterans Day Sees Mixing of Generations

Staff Sgt. Abraham Monreau
Staff Sgt. Abraham Monreau

It's a day when hundreds of veterans reflect and enjoy the comradery of fighting for freedom.

But Veteran's Day is taking on a more youthful influence over the past several years.

Today veterans of all ages congregated at the Texas Panhandle War Memorial to bond together again.

As veterans gathered this morning, some young faces could be found in the crowd.

"My peers. They still think they're invincible, they know everything. But once they grow up a little bit they'll start to realize their sacrifice," said Sgt. David Vasquez, a member of the United States Army.

"I think a lot of people don't realize how young they are. There actually is a war still going on and it's just good to meet people who can relate to you," said Staff Sgt. Abraham Monreau, a member of the United States Army National Guard.

The young veterans used today to connect with the older generations and share in their common bond.

"I like to see veterans from other wars and we all have that comradery even though we didn't serve together in the same war," said Sgt. Vasquez.

"It's one of those days you know reflect on the memories and things like that and of course meet other veterans as well. Just all about comradery," Staff Sgt. Monreau said.

"They are all soldiers and everyone of them are my buddies. Not just the army," said General Lawrence Hoover, a retired member of the United States Army who has served for nearly half a century.

Along with enjoying the comradery, the young veterans want to carry on a message.

"Continue to support the troops. you don't have to support the war. Just support the guys who are going over there and putting themselves in harms way," said Staff Sgt. Monreau.