Website Recruiting Skilled Workers

Area businesses are using technology to find skilled workers. In a generation feeling the push for a four year degree many young people are not aware of careers in fields such as construction, manufacturing, and transportation.

That is why the Amarillo Economic Development Corporation, Amarillo ISD, and Amarillo College are launching the website "PRO" Pursuing Real Opportunities.

In the last year Amarillo ISD is being approached more often by area employers needing skilled workers in their industries.

And that is part of the reason why AISD Director of Career and Technology Education LeAnn Estep says "PRO" is launching. "Because the students are our responsibility to provide them with an education but it's also our responsibility to provide for the needs of community and the needs of the workforce."

Amarillo College is creating new majors to help give local people the skills needed.

Shawn Fouts, the Corporate Development Consultant for Amarillo College says, "The new wind energy program, trying to attract students, manufacturing, trying to attract students, robotics, engineering, in two years or less."

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Matt Watson of Xcel Energy says many youth are unaware how important technical industries are to the Panhandle.

"Our culture has caused people to take different avenues and look where we have alot of technical jobs that will allow you to sustain your family grow up right here in the community you grew up in."

Other companies using the "PRO" website to promote their industry include Ben E. Keith, Amarillo Gear, L.A. Fuller and Sons Construction and Lone Star Machine & Tool Company Incorporated.

To explore the opportunities yourself visit