Ace School of Massage Therapy School Information

School Admission Requirements
To be admitted into ACE School of Massage Therapy, you must have a photo I.D. or other current photo, and be at least 17 years of age. No applicant can have been found guilty of a felony offense. ACE School does not discriminate against age, sex, race, creed, religion or nationality. Before you can take the state exam, the Texas Department of State Health Services requires a minimum of 500 hours of study as follows:

  • 200 hours Swedish Massage Techniques
  • 50 hours Human Anatomy
  • 50 hours Kinesiology
  • 25 hours Human Physiology
  • 40 hours Pathology
  • 20 hours Health and Hygiene
  • 20 hours Hydrotherapy
  • 45 hours Business and Professional Ethics
  • 50 hours Hands on Practice and Internship

These hours are the minimum required by TDSHS to enable you to sit for the State of Texas Massage Therapy Examination.

Upon completion of these hours, you will be able to apply for a written exam in Lubbock, TX. Fees for the exam are payable in advance when you register for the state board exam. Your transcripts are mailed along with the packet and copy of your Social Security card. Once you pass the exam, Texas requires six credit hours of continuing education per year to maintain your registration.

A student who has had prior training or course work relevant to massage therapy may be eligible to receive credit for this work. An official transcript of the training must be submitted to the Texas Department of State Health Services for review.