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"What It Takes: The Amarillo Police Academy " - SWAT Episode 2

Cadet Gutierrez Cadet Gutierrez
Cadet Tollerson Cadet Tollerson
Cadet Palacios Cadet Palacios

A dark crowded bar... Where the patrons have had more than their fill.. Suddenly a scuffle erupts..

Cadets in the Amarillo Police Academy find themselves in this type of situation this week as swat training continues on our exclusive series, "What It Takes: The Amarillo Police Academy."

Cadets are walking into a room with no idea of what is to come.. This bar scene scenario will most likely become a real call for cadets once they are cops, and SWAT officers playing patrons are not holding back.

Each group of cadets faces a different challenge.

Cadet Gutierrez says, "You think you can go in there and take control of it but the way the scenarios were set up you had a lot of obstacles to go through and it was challenging."

Cadet Tollerson says, "The ones that they had set up for us were all physical and that's pretty much what I like to do."

We watched as officers staged a stabbing and fight.. While cadets tried to get control.

Cadet Palacios says, "It was very realistic. You think you are actually there, actually in that situation. So you know kind of how you are going to react to it, it's very real."

While some scenarios are fun for instructors..

Their main goal is teaching cadets to work together... Call for back up and take control.

We were warned it would probably happen.. During SWAT training... Two more cadets threw in the towel and left the program.

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