Bad Check Bail Jumpers

Bad checks costs businesses and the community thousands of dollars every day forcing bond agents to take action on two bail jumpers accused of writing hot checks in Amarillo. Bond agents say everyday they are out writing checks more people and businesses are losing money.

Agent Ron Green is looking for bail jumper John Morales who is facing charges for writing bad checks and felony charges for tampering with government records. "Definitely a risk. He writes hot checks that's stealing if you don't have the money and write the check use the product. You've stolen it," Green said. A suspect who Green says even his grandmother cannot trust because the longer Morales is out the closer she comes to losing her home. "When all else fails we pay the bond forfeiture and take grandma's house as a last resort. We don't want to do that we hate to do that, but that's our last resort,"  he said.

Another bail jumper we told you about, Tanya Marruffo is changing her name to Callie Vallejo or Tanya Vallejo, just so she can continue her spree of writing bad checks. Bond agent Chris Konnecke says Marrufois racking up bad check charges. "She has picked up new felony charges in Potter county for writing bad checks a few in Randall county who knows what other counties she has warrants out of that she has written bad checks," Konnecke said. Bad check writing that is making it harder for trustworthy citizens to write legitimate checks for the area.

You can cash in on these bail jumpers, for information leading to Tanya Marrufo's apprehension bond agents will pay $500. You can call Freedom Bail bonds at 374-0333.  There is also a reward for information on John Moarales, you can call AllState Bail bonds at 379-6699.