Gas Prices Fall Below $2/Gallon

They're at their lowest price in nearly two years after falling for six weeks straight. With gas prices continuing the fall everyday, NewsChannel 10 wanted to find out if it's changing the way Amarillo residents drive. According to AAA, Sunday's average price in Amarillo for regular, unleaded is $2.09/gallon. That's down nearly a dollar from last year's November average. "Nobody likes to pay high prices." And now you don't have to. Geary James says, "I used to pay about 400 dollars per month and now I pay about 250." For the first time in years, gas is below two dollars a gallon in some parts of our area. "I used to pay 400 a month for gas and now I pay somewhere around 250."

So, we wanted to know one thing. "Have your driving habits changed?" For Stuart Lee and his wife, driving is fun again. "Now we can take a pleasure ride on our bikes instead of just having to use them for necessities." For Sandra Blacksheer, lower prices mean better time management. "Before, when prices were so high, my husband and I had to run all of our errands together, now we can go our separate ways."

Here's a breakdown of gas prices... Then and now. We'll compare Sunday's average price of $2.09 to the highest, which was recorded in July at $3.98. Lets say you fill up fifty gallons every month. Then, you would have paid $199. Now, for that same 50 gallons, you're shelling our significantly less... $104 dollars.

Even with a savings of nearly 100 dollars, Geary james isn't putting the pedal to the medal. "I've got to conserve with Christmas just around the corner."

Here's how Amarillo's $2.09 average measures up. We're slightly higher than the state average, which sits at $2.06. We're quite a bit lower than the national average though... That comes in at $2.55. The last time the national average dropped below $2.00 was in May of 2004, when it hit $1.99 a gallon.