Inadequate Animal Shelter Needs Help

Pampa Animal Shelter employees are having trouble replacing the facility they describe as inhumane. Why they say it is compromising the health of the community.  Between 300 to 500 pets stay in the Pampa Animal Shelter each month.

Because of a lack of funding the shelter has not be updated for at least 20 years. It does not have heat and in many cases the animals stay outside even during the winter.

Shelter supervisor Sandy Burns says building a new facility is important for everyone with a pet or planning to adopt.

"If your animal gets out by accident and your animal is not vaccinated the disease rate is alot higher, back on being able to sanitize and keep things clean, we have alot of problems with parvo and I know all shelters do but if you can adequately sterilize everything you don't have near the problem."

Burns says she is trying to raise money for a new shelter that would include glassed in cages to prevent pet bites to kids and a space for people to play with the pet they are considering for adoption.

She says the current conditions may be deterring potential owners from adopting a pet.