24th Street Bridge Now Closed for One Year

Millions of dollars for road construction is heading to the Panhandle.

Some projects are still in planning stages, but one is just getting underway.

After falling below it's sufficiency standard, the bridge at 24th and the Dumas Highway is being torn down, and re-built.

The bridge closed Friday and won't re-open until fall of next year at the earliest.

The $1.5 million project is being funded mostly from federal money because the sufficiency level fell below fifty percent.

"This particular bridge reached it's sufficiency rating because of old age and because of deterioration of the deck due to the use of some of the anti icing agents we use during the winter time," said Paul Braun, the Texas Department of Transportation Spokesman.

Traffic is being diverted onto the north access road for people trying to head west and south on the access road for drivers heading east.

Braun says the bridge is and always has been safe.

But with the sufficiency rating continuing to drop, the funding was then put in place.

He says the department started the project during the late fall because they didn't want to interrupt use of Thompson park and wonderland during the summer.