Tech Brings Big Business to Amarillo

Anthony Leal, Holiday Inn Amarillo
Anthony Leal, Holiday Inn Amarillo

Millions of dollar will be spent in the panhandle this weekend thanks to a sporting event.

You may have thought the big game was last weekend, when the Red Raiders took on the Longhorns, but experts in our area are banking on this weekend, when Texas Tech's football team battles OSU.

Rooms in Lubbock are full.. And the same is said for Amarillo.

Anthony Leal with Holiday Inn Amarillo I-40 says, "Because of the lack of rooms in Lubbock, we are the next closest place really for these guys to stay. What we are projecting for the weekend. We have already seen an increase of 10 to 15 room nights more than usual. We haven't been able to take all of them. The traffic has definitely been better than normal."

The City of Lubbock estimates Tech home games bring in between five and seven million dollars each game.. And some of that money trickles in to our area.

Especially this weekend, since OSU fans will be coming through Amarillo to get to Tech.

Leal says, "Some people will stay the night Friday, go to the game on Saturday and come back. Obviously they will eat here in Amarillo. I would say a quarter of that we see here in Amarillo."

It's not just this hotel.. Business is picking up across the city.

Leal says, "We noticed, especially last week was incredible. This week we see a lot of traffic and seeing that the hotels are all picking up more than normal."

One more thing... If you are planning on grabbing a hotel room after the big game.. Be prepared to pay more.

Officials say room rates are up... In fact Leal says customers in Amarillo can expect to pay between $120-$150.