Technology Outside of the Classroom

Tammi Fritz, English Teacher, Canyon ISD
Tammi Fritz, English Teacher, Canyon ISD

Teachers and students are extending their academic communication after school with the use of technology.

Canyon ISD is using the Internet to help students succeed. Every Canyon ISD teacher is now equipped with a new interactive website.

It allows them to post assignments and teacher contact information so students can ask questions after class. Teachers say the website is something students are taking advantage of.

For English Teacher Tammi Fritz, using a webpage to connect with her students is making her job easier.

"Teacher parent or teacher student communication was more difficult before the technological advances. And, like I said the immediacy just was not there," she says.

Fritz's student Austin Bussell says having a way to communicate with his teachers outside of school is benefiting his studies.

"It's kind of big because like if I don't get something then I'll go to my parents and they don't understand it so I'll just like e-mail my teacher and they'll help me on it."

While students have asked, Fritz is setting boundaries for text messaging and social networking sites.

"But I wouldn't have a current student contact me via Facebook. I feel that for now that e-mail connection is all that is necessary and professionally all that's appropriate. "

For some students this kind of communicating does not seem out of the ordinary.

Freshman Grayson Tung says, "Yeah, I think some of my friends have an art teacher on MySpace at my old school. I don't see why it has to be limited to one group of people."

The school district does not currently require technology boundaries between teachers and students.

Fritz says parents are also using the website to contact teachers and keep up with their child's classes.