Victim's Family: Manslaughter Plea Deal Wrong

Daniel Fangman
Daniel Fangman
Randall Sims, District Attorney - 47th District
Randall Sims, District Attorney - 47th District

The handling of a manslaughter case in Potter County is questioned by the family of the victim.

32 year old Corey Wilson was killed in January... After being beaten to death by Beavers Gentlemen's Club bouncer Daniel Fangman.

Fangman pleaded guilty last week, and received six years.. But Wilson's family says the story isn't over... They want answers.

The family says they were led to believe the case would go to trial.

Nathan Wolff, Corey Wilson's Stepfather says, "On Wednesday my wife gets a call from a person with the victims crime unit saying that a plea deal was being made and he was going to plead to 6 years for a manslaughter charge. And my wife was just completely irate."

DA Randall Sims says they had several conversations with the family... And kept them well informed.

"Mrs. Wolff was talked to and she agreed to allow a plea to take place, knowing what all the circumstances were." Sims says.

Fangman also went to court for a probation violation. There were rumors that trial eliminated the possibility of taking him back to court for manslaughter charges. Sims cries foul to this double jeopardy theory.

"The judge found all the allegations true, including manslaughter and the aggravated assault, which are basically the same thing."

This means, trial could proceed. Now the question is, why, if they could go to trial, didn't they?

Sims says it wouldn't have mattered.

"We have him on a state jail felony that we got the probation revoked for and he got the maximum sentence of 24 months, day for day, and that's going to keep him in longer than if he got 20 years." Sims says.

Sims says because of overcrowding... Much shorter jail terms are served these days.

Wolff says, "We were very upset about that. It was like we didn't even have a say in it. She told my wife, this is a done deal."

" Don't understand, why if they are upset that I didn't get a phone call instead of y'all getting a phone call. (laughing)... I mean I really am." Sims says.

We spoke with the family again after Sim's interview, despite what Mr. Sims says.. They maintain they never agreed to a plea deal before they were informed it was already done.