Fugitive File: Eric Lujan

A get together that turned violent is the reason this fugitive is wanted by local authorities. He is believed to be in Amarillo and police are hoping you can help them track him down.

Get a good look at Eric Michael Lujan. Corporal Sean Slover of Amarillo CrimeStoppers says "he has a Potter County felony warrant for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon."

Authorities believe Lujan went to a get together and things quickly turned ugly. Slover says, "he struck the victim with a blunt object and he sustained serious injuries."

But Lujan is not the only fugitive on police radar. Last week's fugitive is still loose. Slover says, "we are still looking for Jeffrey Utter who has a robbery and aggravated robbery warrant."

Police think Utter robbed an area Arby's restaurant.

And they still want to get Jackie Gray behind bars. He has eight warrants out for his arrest ranging from resisting and evading arrest to a bond surrender for possessing a controlled substance.

If you have information on him or any of the fugitives we have shown you, please call Amarillo CrimeStoppers at 374-4400.  If your tip leads to an arrest you could make $300.

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You've seen them featured on NewsChannel 10's Fugitive File. Now, area police need your help locating these individuals and there could be a cash reward for any information leading to an arrest.