When Will Those Campaign Signs Be Taken Down?

We've been looking at them for months, and now, many Amarillo residents are anxious to see the roadside campaign signs taken down.

The city doesn't want them there much longer either. Over the past several months, thousands of signs have been handed out or sold by both parties. Area Republicans estimate they've given out around 7500 signs and the Democrats say their total is about 2,000. The city of Amarillo does have a rule limiting the amount of time signs can be up, but says it's hard to enforce because of privacy laws.

City Traffic Engineer Taylor Withrow says, "the city ordinance requires that they be taken down within 30 days after the event. Most of these signs are placed on private property so it would be very difficult to go onto private property and remove the signs." He says the city does crack down on candidates who post signs on right of ways, blocking driver's sight at the intersections.