High Voter Turnout Cost

Record voter turnout means more workers handling crowds this election.

It cost you to exercise your right to vote... There are poll workers, judges, machines, etc.

And when gearing up for a big election... Like this one... That cost may be even higher than normal.

When 52 thousand people head to the polls, like they did in Randall county... Someone has to be there working.

Randall County Clerk Sue Bartolino says, "It will be an expensive election, but that is part of what you pay taxes for."

No one is sure yet just how expensive.. But they do know where they did pick up cost.

Bartolino says, "It started off with our added expense whenever we got so many applications for ballot by mail. We had to hire extra people there. And then we had the election judges, we allowed them many more workers than we normally do."

One place the county did save money is with voting machines. Bartolino says the machines cut down on paper ballot cost.

"As far as tax payers go they are the most economical, safe way to conduct an election."

Potter County didn't pay for extra workers, but they did have to pull workers from other departments to help.

Potter County Clerk Julie Smith says, "We had a skeleton crew in some of the departments. I did have some women who were able to work down through early voting, a lot of them had to help in order to get stuff ready in order to make this election come off."

All together potter county ushered more than 30 thousand people through the voting process. A large turnout in this election doesn't necessarily mean crowds at the next.

Both counties say each election is taken into account to determine if more staff or polling places are needed.