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Another Meningitis Case, Residents Want Answers

Jim Washburn, Superintendent, Keyes ISD Jim Washburn, Superintendent, Keyes ISD
J.C. Moser, City Manager J.C. Moser, City Manager
Leslie Cobb Leslie Cobb

One boy is dead and another woman is in the hospital, both from meningitis, and residents in Keyes, OK, say the state is doing nothing to find the source.

With two confirmed cases of the same strain and no connection between the two found, the people of Keyes want answers.

After a ten year old boy died last week and a woman in the hospital, meningitis has the City of Keyes on high alert. Superintendent of Keyes ISD says, "we had the Elkhart hospital come over with several medical doctors and nurses and they distributed information and had a question and answer session. It was very informative."

But that did little to calm the fears in this town of three hundred. Leslie Cobb, a concerned resident says, "we have two cases, it is concerning because we are such a small town."

We spoke with the Oklahoma Department of Health and they say an investigation is underway to find a link between the two cases. But residents here say that is going to take more than what the state is doing here.

City Manager J.C. Moser says, "the state should be in here helping us find out why this is spreading."

Cobb says, "I want the state to come in and do something because I don't feel like they've done anything besides say don't worry, you're paranoid."

The strain in Keyes brings on symptoms of clinical illnesses like sepsis, a blood infection and is often passed through coughing or sneezing.

We are told nurses from Texas County were in Keyes giving out information last week, but residents say that is not enough.

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