Obama in the White House...Affect on Texans

WTAMU Political Science and Criminal Justice Head Reed Welch
WTAMU Political Science and Criminal Justice Head Reed Welch
TX Representative John Smithee
TX Representative John Smithee

With Barack Obama headed for the Oval Office, some Texans may wonder how things will change in the Lone Star State.

Because Texas is still a red state experts say most Texans will not see big changes with Senator Obama in the White House but there are a few areas to watch.

Without a Texan or a Republican in the White House the voice of the Texas people may be quieter.

WTAMU Political Science and Criminal Justice Head Reed Welch says, "Well we currently have two republican senators, I don't think President Obama will be that responsive to them. "

TX Representative John Smithee says, "I think the overall power of the political power and ability of Texas to get things done in Washington has probably been diminished. "

And that may affect the amount of attention paid to the issues important to Texans.

Smithee says, "And that's very important in such as areas locally as Pantex. You know, the more political clout we have the better off we are protecting our interest in Pantex."

Professor Welch says we can also expect more government involvement.

"The federal government, it may have a bigger role because the Democrats, Obama favor a stronger role of federal government and possible the areas like education and health care the government may be more involved than it had been."

Smithee says this is a good opportunity for Republicans to open the debate for change within their party.

Welch and Smithee both agree it is clear the American people need to rally behind the new president to help the success of the country.