Scam Targets Amarillo National Bank Customers

It's a new scam targeting Amarillo National Bank customers. And it has a different approach.

The Amarillo Police Department has received several calls from ANB customers about suspicious automated telephone messages.

"Hello, This is a message from Amarillo National Bank, your card has been temporarily suspended because we think it has been accessed by a third party,"the message tells customers via phone.

The message later asks customers to press 1 to reactivate their bank card. In doing so, scam artists could have complete access to that bank account.

"This is a scam," said William Ware, Assistant Vice-President for ANB. "Amarillo National Bank will never call you to verify your account information."

But Amarillo National Bank customers aren't the only ones affected. Amarillo police says anyone could be targeted.

"If people out there continue to give out their information, these guys will continue to try to get them," said Janna Kiehl from the Better Business Bureau. "Money is leaving our local economy, which affects all businesses."

Bank officials say the scam has been successful because this phone message is more credible than e-mail scams of the past.

"This is modern day robbery," Ware said. "This is something we have all got get used to and we all have to be aware of."

If you have received this phone message and given out your card information, file a report with Amarillo Police. Bank officials also ask that you report the call immediately to their Electronic Banking Department at 806-378-8150.