FTC Flagging Fraud

Randall County Approves Courthouse Restoration
Randall County Approves Courthouse Restoration

Your personal information is getting an extra safeguard from the Federal Trade Commission.   The city of Canyon is trying to safeguard your identity. The FTC is requiring any institution that takes in your private information to implement programs to detect and prevent identity theft.

It's called the Red Flag program, organizations in Canyon such as utility companies, health care companies and debt collectors are required to comply by May of 2009. The city of Canyon voted Monday to implement the regulations now before the deadline hits.

Canyon Finance Director Chris Sharp said, "It's a requirement to have a program. Probably the choice is how we want to implement the program or what type of program we want to have".

Sharp says the city of Canyon is using software security programs and will cross check id's with credit cards on their consumer accounts. City organizations are able to develop their own program and policies to recognize and respond to red flags indicating identity theft.  More than 8 million U.S. adults fall victim to identity theft every year.