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Millennials Take a Stand

Kayla Goodman Kayla Goodman
Corey Nathan Corey Nathan
Brandon Dix Brandon Dix

The Millennial generation is expected to head to the polls in record numbers this year and they may influence the outcome of this Presidential election.

Forty-five million voters born between 1980 and 1995 are expected to cast their ballots.

The latest polls show 60% in favor of Senator Obama and 40% are favoring Senator McCain.

Many Millennials say the economy is the most important issue when choosing the next President.

Kayla Goodman says, "The economy right now is not very good and I don't want to go through another depression."

"Cause the economy right now," says Corey Nathan," I have to pay for school so it's a money issue. Also after I graduate, I have to go into the workforce and if the economy's so bad I'm not gonna have a job."

Brandon Dix of the Panhandle Young Democrats says, "We want to make sure we can go to college without bankrupting our parents."

The war in the Middle East and social security are also big issues and because these issues are important, many young voters say local elections take a back seat.

Nathan says, "I would have to say it's all about the President. Facebook, everyone's got their status up as who they are voting's all about who's winning."

"I think the Presidential election right now is more important," says Goodman, "Just because that affects our whole world. I mean local elections are important but this is a special time because we have two very different candidates."

The top places to get political information for this generation is through the Internet and by watching shows like the Colbert Report and Saturday Night Live.

Many Millennials say they will not be heading to the voting booth, choosing absentee ballot instead.

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