Amarillo National Bank Phone Scam

Amarillo National Bank customers could fall victim to a scam if they follow instructions on a phone message.

Hundreds of people in Amarillo have received fraudulent calls asking for their account information.

The fraudulent voice message says, "Hello, this is a message from Amarillo National Bank, your card has temporarily been suspended because we think it has been accessed by a third party. To reactivate your card press 1 to be immediately transferred to our security department."

After you press 1, the message will ask you to type in your card number and verification codes. Bank officials urge people to hang up immediately, if they receive the message.

"This is a scam," said William Ware, Assistant Vice-President of ANB. "Amarillo National Bank will never call you to verify account information."

If you have been a victim of this scam and gave out any information bank officials ask you to call their Electronic Banking Department immediately (806) 378-8150 and also file a report with the Amarillo Police Department.

The bank is working with Amarillo Police and the FBI to resolve the problem.