Push for Young Voters

Joseph Price, Young Conservatives President
Joseph Price, Young Conservatives President
Dr. Russell Lowery-Hart, WT Democrats Advisor
Dr. Russell Lowery-Hart, WT Democrats Advisor

In Randall County, more than 20 percent of this year's voters are between the ages 18 and 29. And two area groups are working to the last minute to reach the young vote.

At West Texas A&M, the Young Conservatives and the WT Democrats are making a big push to get their peers to the the polls.

On the eve of Election Day, both groups were text messaging and sending Facebook reminders to all of their friends.

"It's coming down to the wire and those votes will be the ones that matter," said Joseph Price, president of West Texas A&M's Young Conservatives.

Both student organizations say the young vote could change the outcome of this year's election.

"That's been exciting to our students," said Dr. Russell Lowery-Hart, advisor to the WT Democrats. "That they are living a part of history and not reading about it in a book."

Lowery-Hart says that knowledge is power in this year's presidential race. But with power comes great responsibility.

"It's responsibility to your fellow citizens to cast a vote that is based upon some intellectual thought," Lowery-Hart said.

And young voters are getting informed. Not only on the candidates but also on issues that are important to them.

"I think that they are starting to get the mental picture that if we don't fix this now it's going to hurt me down the road when I'm 30 or 40," said Price about the current economic crisis. "And do I want to live in this trench, the answer is no."

And today is the day to make that choice.