What to Know Before Heading to the Polls

William Briggs, Potter County Poll Worker
William Briggs, Potter County Poll Worker
Mary Lou Guinn, Potter County Election Judge
Mary Lou Guinn, Potter County Election Judge

Every vote counts... But only if you are wearing the right clothes when you walk into the polls.

The State of Texas has strict rules on what you can and cannot wear before being allowed to vote.

You can stand here and wear whatever you'd like, but take one small step across this yellow line and suddenly that McCain tee shirt or Obama button you're wearing is now breaking the law.

That's because you're now within 100 feet of a polling location, which is a strict no campaigning zone.

We've all heard the saying the clothes make the man... But do the clothes make the voter?

In Texas, the answer is yes.

William Briggs, a Potter County Poll Worker says, "You have to be pretty much neutral and have nothing on your person that would indicate a preference of party."

Mary Lou Guinn, Potter County Election Judge says, "Donkey or Elephant, anything with a candidate's name on it."

Sue Bartolino, Randall County Clerk says, "Pins, hats, shirts, bumper stickers taped across your stomach if you do show up at the polls wearing any of that, you will not be allowed to vote."

Guinn says, "You can go home and change or you can turn it inside out. Take the pin off your hat or off your person."

If you refuse, more serious measures could be taken.

"We will call the Sheriff and have you kicked out." Bartolino says.

No campaigning on any sort, be it handing out pamphlets or talking to voters, is allowed within 100 feet of the door.

There is only one exception... Exit pollers.

"If the judge of that polling place deems that they are not causing any problems." Bartolino says.

Signs will be posted tomorrow to mark the no campaign zones. Those signs are actually state mandated.

In some locations, there will be cars parked in a line, marking off where the 100 feet border starts.