"What It Takes: The Amarillo Police Academy" - SWAT Week Episode 1

The time has come.. This is SWAT week.

Amarillo Police Academy Cadets will be thrown into a world like none other... And not all of them are expected to make it through.

They knew what they were getting into... But they didn't know what they were getting into.

They knew there would be tear gas.. But no one was prepared for the affect it would have on them.

Tear gas particles give the sensation of shortness of breath. They cause coughing and the flow of mucus, and sometimes more.

It's meant to disable a person without hurting them... And cadets have to learn how it feels. We are not showing very much of the cadets reaction to the chemical out of respect for them. This is just the first of many challenges this week.

Cadets will be shown how quickly their lives can change.. And just how easily someone fighting police can end it all. Facing those tough realities may be too much for some.

Cadets will be dealing with scenarios all week, including bar fights and domestic abuse situations.. catch all the footage right here on NewsChannel 10.

One more thing, we want to congratulate all the cadets for passing their state exam...

But getting over that hill has revealed a mountain.. and it's name is SWAT.