Randall County Moves Polls Out of Schools

Sue Wicker Bartolino, Randall County Clerk
Sue Wicker Bartolino, Randall County Clerk

One local county is working to change all their polling locations out of schools and in to other facilities.

Randall County has changed about a dozen precinct locations since the last presidential election.

Traffic, parking problems, and student safety are just a few reason's why the county is moving out of schools and into churches.

Election workers and voters say they love having space that schools were no longer able to provide.

"The schools don't have room to put us anywhere. So we'd be in a hallway or something. Which isn't fair to the voters, but I mean they're out of room," said Randall County Clerk, Sue Wicker Bartolino.

One precinct judge says it's a safer situation for everyone.

Students don't cross paths with the general public.

And the polling places are now at other community facilities.