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New Bail Jumpers

Jermain Matthews Jermain Matthews
Juan Magallanes Juan Magallanes

Drugs and crime, a combination bond agents are seeing escalate in the Amarillo area. Two local bail jumpers could be contributing to the crime in your neighborhood. They say clients who are running from their responsibilities are causing crime to snowball for themselves and the community they live in. That is why bond agents are in a hurry to bring two bail jumpers in now and not later

Bond agent Shawn Galmore is looking for 22 year old Jermain Matthews has been charged with drugs, criminal trespassing and evading police. A crime pattern Galmore says is not going away. "It's like a big ol snowball one thing leads to another and another. Yeah I think this gentleman is a harm," Galmore said.

Matthews has been avoiding bond agents for months and she says the sooner he is brought in the better. "He's evidently done something wrong or he wouldn't be running. He's trespassing not where he should be, criminal trespass and your on someone's property and your not suppose to be there. I think he's pretty much a danger, " Galmore explained.

Another bail jumper, bond agent Connie Snider is searching for is convicted felon 34 year old Juan Magallanes. "He's been on the run he's probably not working, which he's got to support himself one way. Theft is usually the big thing," Snider said. Forcing bond agents to stay diligent to bring Magallanes in. "People using drugs and controlled substances you never know how they're going to respond to things," she said.

Bond agents encourage anyone with information to call them. Jermain Matthews is an African-American male 6'0, 170 pounds with black hair brown hair. Any information call Bargain Bail Bond at 379-0036.

Juan Magallanes is 5'8, 165 pounds, black hair and brown eyes.  Along, with tattoos on his arm. If you have any information call BailMaxx Bonding 351-0100.

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