Precinct Workers Head to School

Early Tuesday morning the polls will open, but before they can, the poll place employees need to be trained.

This past week several counties went through what they call election school, training precinct workers on equipment, rules, and regulations.

From 30 year veterans, to brand new workers, everyone must be trained before every election.

Potter County held their election school over the weekend.

The classes are in place to give out all the information people need so they can run their precinct efficiently.

But the most important thing for election school teachers is making sure their students learn everything.

"We're doing our best to train these election workers properly. They're all showing up like they should be and asking questions. That's the best thing for them, to ask questions," said Julie Smith, the Potter County Clerk and Voter Registrar.

Both the Republican and democratic parties are responsible for finding people in each precinct to work on election day.

The workers for this election were chosen, or offered to work months ago... Then had to be approved by their county over the summer.

In Potter and Randall counties precinct workers are not volunteers and they are paid by the counties.

Even though school was this past week, these students won't be tested until Tuesday.